March, 26-31:

Prof. M.A. Pinto presents the outcomes of the administration of the whole French THAM-2 at the Collège Montesquieu (Toulouse-France), previously implemented in May-June 2017.  These outcomes appear promising in view of a future validation of the test. Prof. Pinto also delivers a lecture on metalinguistic awareness and its relation to bilingualism at the University of Toulouse “Le Mirail”.

April, 27:

Appearance of a Portuguese book on metalinguistic awareness and its instruments, by Ana Paula Couceiro & Maria Antonietta Pinto, partially based on the French book “La conscience métalinguistique. Théorie, développement et instruments de mesure”, by Pinto & El Euch (2015), and adapted to the specificities of the Portuguese language. This translation is also an extension of the range of products of the MATEL Project, not included in the initial objectives, and bound to give rise to the validation of the three metalinguistic tests (THAMs, based on the Portuguese acronym).


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